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As the founder of Amber Hawken and Calm Mind Project, Amber questions, unpacks and simplifies the paradox of being a spiritual being in this human experience. In her solo sessions and expert guest interviews, Amber asks the important questions, like, how can we be human with less suffering, and more joy, love, growth, impact and purpose? Through clarity comes understanding and from understanding comes aligned action and wisdom. This podcast interviews experts on life science, spirituality, psychology, relationships, mental, nutritional, physical and emotional wellbeing, and entrepreneurship to alchemise confusion and fear into clarity and aligned action. Each episode has real time transformational exercises and/or techniques that can be integrated into everyday life to ensure maximum impact for the time you invest listening. Each episode will enable you to get back to what’s true and vital; your true nature and how to get there in each moment, over and over again.
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Dec 21, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to 100% be yourself, no apologies needed?

Sure - fear and self-doubt might be present, but you are doing you, anyway. Well - today's guest lives life in this way; raw, open, expansive, unfiltered and slightly explicit. Just the way I like my guests. 

This is why you will love this episode with Thomas In Action (Thom Gardner):

Thoms story does not start off with him being deeply at peace with himself - quite the opposite - so we discuss how we came to this free space in life and self.

We cover:

  • Thoms entire journey from childhood until adulthood and what that looked and felt like for a man realising he was gay when he was only 9 years old. 
  • How to be gay and be okay with it. 
  • Addressing fear, judgment and how that can run your entire life unconsciously.
  • The parallel of business success and self-embracement. 
  • Owning your self-made limits and taking responsibility
  • Seeing that your greatest fear of judgment is a result of your own blindness and how to shift it to feel free to be yourself.
  • The number one key to confidence and fulfilment

Thom is an audacious young man with speed, spark and charisma. His YouTube success is up in the millions of views and I hands-down believe it is due to his connection and action according to his own inner compass. Even if that risks complete condemnation from some of the more conservative people in our world. This episode inspired me to own myself at a whole new level, and really, that's the most important thing in life in my opinion and experience. Once you can do that everyday life, discovering purpose, business growth, relationship s- the look, smell and feel a hellovalot more real and deeply fulfilling.  

I would love you to comment below on what Thomas' story gave YOU permission to own within yourself.

Reference links from the interview: Homosexuality: It's about survival, not sex.
Find Thomas online here:

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