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As a holistic behavioural therapist, Amber invites her guests to reveal the workings of their inner world while unpacking their expertise in topics ranging from psychosomatic therapies and bio-hacking to multi-million dollar for-profit organisations bettering our planet. She extracts the practices, habits, traits and strategies they teach, have mastered or are developing. The conversations are often deep, hilarious and reveal the human behind the voice.
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Feb 25, 2018

It's not ever about the body

In this special edition podcast, the roles have reversed and I am the interviewee. Kylie Mcbeath, co-founder of the holistic digital program Zura Health holds the mic this time as we role-reverse - you will recognise the wisdom of her voice from my most recent podcast episode (#23), Empowering Your Needs + Breaking Through.

I share loads about my experience in the health and fitness worlds that ultimately led me to the work I do today, and how something like emotional eating goes deeper than our relationship to food.

Time and again I’ve seen the one thing that can crush an otherwise empowered and successful person: lack of emotional awareness, mental empowerment, and overall self-connection.

I can’t stress these factors enough.

If you’re not seeing the results that you want from your self love affirmations, endless diets, and strict eating and exercise regimes, this message is for you. By results, I don’t just mean physical, I’m talking about achieving a deep sense of emotional fulfilment and love within. If you want to look in the mirror and feel gratitude and freedom, you must learn how to work with your mind and emotions so you are no longer their servant. We discuss (to name a few):

  • The core cause behind our unhealthy relationship to food and our body
  • A question to ask yourself that may radically change your life
  • An easy-peasy meditation practice
  • The core human needs
  • Disconnection = not living an alignment
  • Tools and action steps to cultivate deeper connection to self
  • Identifying our core values
  • Emotional resiliency and why it's so effing important
  • Understanding emotional data

Discipline, self connection, and emotional resilience are REQUIRED LIFE SKILLS if you want to let go of control, radiate with confidence, and find the happiness that you deserve.

Let me know over on insta (@amber_hawken) what this conversation brought up in you and drop a comment about your biggest takeaway.

Connect closer with what Zura Health is all about:


Check out my other resources on body image, emotional eating and emotional resiliency:
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My Podcast (episode #15) with nude yoga teacher Rosie Rees

Feb 21, 2018

Today's guest, Kylie McBeath is the Co-Founder of Zura Health, Writer, Emotional Wellness Coach, and a spokesperson for soul. She is committed to uncovering the tools, technology, and ethos to live a life at the bleeding edge of our potential. From inner struggles to moments of complete bliss, Kylie invites us to the depths of our own shadow so that we can integrate, accept, and become the most aligned version of ourselves.

In this conversation, we get up close and intimate with the power of our emotions, and what the heckneeds even are.

Ky gets real about her own weaknesses and strengths and the reality that the work never ends – because that’s where the adventure is. Fulfilment is found when we play at our edge. Her mic drop advice right at the end is amazing and I share a little real life breakthrough from an experience I had with an angry man in a sauna…

We covered all of this and heaps more:

  • The perfect world we grew up with could sabotage our perfect adult life
  • How our relationship with our parents can write our future
  • Dealing with darkness
  • How to get yourself unstuck
  • How to have heart-centered anger
  • The difference between being overpowering and being powerful
  • Why going against our values is not about being a “bad person”
  • How to “do the work” and shift your life
  • Understanding spiritual bypassing
  • Learning emotional intimacy
  • How resisting, denial and being stuck in our story affects our relationships and our life

You don’t have to break down to break through

Kylie is a breath of fresh air in this realm of work. She’s honest about her own journey of unpacking her stories while holding a refreshing perspective on getting intimate with our emotions without getting entangled in them. She is a powerhouse and I hope you love this interview as much as I loved having this conversation! Let me know over on insta (@amber_hawken) what you thought of this podcast and drop a comment about your biggest takeaway.

Connect closer with Kylie:

@beingisbeautiful on Instagram

Feb 12, 2018

Today’s guest, Connor Beaton, is the Founder of ManTalks, an international organization focused on men’s personal and professional development. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur and keynote speaker. A former Market Manager for Apple, Connor learned about business from some of the best in business. He hosts The ManTalks Podcast, which is a top podcast focused on building better relationships, wealth, businesses and mindset, and he has spoken on stages around North America with people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes and Danielle LaPorte.


Today we dive into a much needed discussion about masculine and feminine energies and how embracing both leads us to a fulfilling and successful life.


Have you ever wondered why strong women seem to “drive” men away? Or why men are “afraid” to feel their emotions? Have you ever questioned whether you might be stereotypically defying the odds of what it is to be a man or a woman? Have you ever felt intimacy in relationships disconnect even though you still “love” your partner? What about wondering how to understand our anger, channel emotions, hold space as a man, open up as a woman and then flip this all upside down and inside out with each gender?


If so, then this is your interview.


Connor Beaton was a blast of a human to interview. He is raw, real, direct, poignant and experienced in all of the above. AND we also get a sneaky insight into the message behind not being able to, ah-hem, get it up…


Here’s why I know you will love this interview. We discuss:

  • Understanding masculine and feminine energies are not male and female dependant - we have both and need to embrace balance
  • Paradoxically understanding the need to create polarity within relationships to keep the attraction alive
  • Understanding how as a “powerful woman (or natural dominating feminine energy)” you can destroy intimacy without understanding how to come back into your feminine
  • How the masculine can overcome performance issues
  • Practical tools to step into the masculine for the feminine and vice versa
  • Getting in touch with your masculine in a healthy way as a female and being in your power without losing your grace
  • Getting in touch with your feminine in a healthy way as a male and reaching your potential and strength
  • How to "hold space" as a masculine
  • What we can do as a dominant masculine or naturally dominant feminine to connect with people and partners in relationships
  • The classic conflicts between the two energies
  • Understanding want and need, neediness and being needed and what is healthy and attractive
  • Discovering purpose and fire inside of yourself, not outside of yourself


This conversation was on fire. I loved it and Connor really provides such valuable tools and techniques so I know you will want more from him and ManTalks. Here is where you can find that:

The Ultimate Guide To Purpose




Feb 6, 2018

Dr Jeremy Goldberg triggered tears to stream down my face in today's interview. This is somewhat uncommon for me and somehow the kindness seeping out of every cell of this human just GOT ME!

The science of compassion is something Jeremy has professionally and personally studied for over a decade. From researching and working on saving the Great Barrier Reef and the world's oceans to leaving little bombs of handwritten love across the globe, the love bursting from this man is pretty freaking extraordinary.

He has cultivated a strong base of over 35,000 people who are inspired by his writings on the daily and he has spoken his part about kindness on the stage of TEDx Townsville.

A spoken word poet, mentor, speaker and soon to be published author,  Jeremy and I (in short) dive into:

  • What we can ask ourselves if giving kindness to a stranger makes us feel uncomfortable.
  • The ripple effect of compassion and how it can flow on for years to come.
  • Starting right here, right now with your idea and letting it guide you.
  • Noticing that at our core, we are good beings and it’s just that we get in our own way.
  • How to have big bold dreams and simultaneously let go of the outcomes.
  • How the angst of a punk rocker was fuelled into a mission of spreading kindness.
  • What to do with the "imposter" in our mind that says our dreams are just not good enough.
  • The Get Shit Done restructure that needs to occur in our internal and external worlds to make lasting change.
  • Jeremy's biggest insecurities and how following his inspiration helped transcend his self-limits.  


I think our greatest lesson here is understanding that we are innately designed to love, be loved, give, receive and transform. That was my take away, and I would love to know yours - comment below and let us know!

And I will leave you with this…

Fuck This. We can do better. "We", as in, everyone. So, let's ask ourselves: What would the world be like if we were all just a little bit kinder? Dr Jeremy Goldberg


You can find Jeremy here:




Feb 2, 2018
Did you know that nerve impulses sent from the brain move at a speed of 274 km/h!!!!!
Our guest today, Morten Bunkholt is Norwegian Chiropractor who is inspired by the capabilities of wellness and superhuman potential. He helps us understand the natural healing philosophy of our bodies. 
And our bodies are self-regulating systems and if we remove interference, it is capable of returning to peak condition - AKA homeostasis. Now there is a lot of everyday interference so it's important to have awareness around what that might be to maximise supporting the bodies natural wellbeing.
When it comes to chiropractic Morten is meticulous in attention to detail. He stands by the philosophy of sticking to a system that works and we dive into why talent isn't 10000% required for a result - you don't have the be the "best" when you have trusted and results-based method. 
We dive into:
  • How the brain and nervous system are connected and what role chiropractic can have in removing interference. 
  • The importance of knowing when not to adjust. 
  • What can cause interference in the spine and how to treat it. 
  • The three T's: trauma,  toxins and thoughts. 
  • How the brain and nervous system interacts with our organs and the role an adjustment can assist with our bodies normal regulation and health. 
  • Understanding that pain is the very last resort from our body trying to communicate interference with homeostasis. 
  • Some chiropractic plans can overstimulate the nervous systems and how to become aware of that. 
  • Getting in touch with your body for the sake of prevention rather than reaction. 
  • The basic chiropractic philosophy and its alignment with life. 
  • Mortens desired superpower!!!!

I'm inspired by such an aligned practitioner. I am all for intuition, feeling, sensory, trust and flow. But when it comes to our bodies, the power in reconnecting and placing ourselves in the best situation to heal again can be maximised by using systems that work. In the case of our systems, systems matter. 

I would love to hear from you - if any, what was the one thing you learnt about yourself and or wellbeing that you didnt know before - let us know below!

You can find Morten on all his social platforms below!






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