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As the founder of Amber Hawken and Calm Mind Project, Amber questions, unpacks and simplifies the paradox of being a spiritual being in this human experience. In her solo sessions and expert guest interviews, Amber asks the important questions, like, how can we be human with less suffering, and more joy, love, growth, impact and purpose? Through clarity comes understanding and from understanding comes aligned action and wisdom. This podcast interviews experts on life science, spirituality, psychology, relationships, mental, nutritional, physical and emotional wellbeing, and entrepreneurship to alchemise confusion and fear into clarity and aligned action. Each episode has real time transformational exercises and/or techniques that can be integrated into everyday life to ensure maximum impact for the time you invest listening. Each episode will enable you to get back to what’s true and vital; your true nature and how to get there in each moment, over and over again.
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Jan 22, 2020

Do you know what turns you on?

Today's podcast is sensual, fire, flow and erotic feminine.

I had the pleasure (pun intended) of interviewing Jamie Thompson.

Over the last decade, Jamie has developed a body of work to support her women and couples with letting go of negative patterns around sex so they can design a sex-life of hot eroticism and soul-quenching intimacy. Her background is in trans-personal psychology, neuroscience, sensual embodiment, and holographic movement reprogramming. Jamie has travelled around the world teaching masterminds, business events and private clients, how to up-level their success and creativity through sexual transmutation.

The things I loved most  in this episode:

  • Masks of masculinity for women who are feminine at their core
  • Remembering pleasure and feeling
  • How to soften and open in relationships
  • Re-energising and vitalising through coming home
  • Entering the pull instead of the push
  • Reclaiming your polarity
  • Coming back to the ancient wisdom of a women
  • Honouring the intelligence of the primal energy
  • Exploring the different Erotic Menu for each of us
  • The masculine paradigm sabotaging the divinity of the feminine
  • Awakening Your Erotic Muse (course Jamie has)
  • Supporting yourself in coming back home to the feminine
  • Not being afraid of the power of your darkness
  • Understanding clean and clear dark and shadow dark
  • 5 ways to get into your feminine in three minutes
  • Build your foundations of life from your sexual roots
  • Unpacking shame and shadow of pleasure and sexuality
  • Changing sex education and the way we approach sex


Jamie has five ways in under three minutes to turn on your feminine. It's in the final minutes of the episode. Let us know in the comments below, what your favourite is. 

Discover and connect with Jamie here:

Here course,

Awakening Your Erotic Muse






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Jan 7, 2020

What's your vibe say about your life?

Ever wondered what yoga teachers, healers, lightworkers, coaches and therapists mean when they talk about the divine, source,  energy or soul? With this wild and wild trauma-informed coach, facilitator and yoga teacher, we unpack and navigate the invisible work of the divine. 

Leila is a trauma-informed empowerment coach and spiritual mentor, who lives an adventurous nomadic lifestyle travelling all over the world to inspire healing through creative movement, personal empowerment & deep spiritual connection. You can find Leila with her pup, Folly, teaching yoga classes, leading mindfulness workshops and hosting health and wellness retreats.

So I am in love with Leila, she is one of those humans. 

She’s experienced, embodied, honest, grounded, opened hearted, humble, strong fierce and fucking hilarious. This is one of my longer podcasts. We did this live in Costa Rica on the second last day of a retreat she was running that I dropped into to say hi and connect with her and our mutual friends and her co-hosts, Jeremy Goldberg and Traver Boehm. 

Yes, life is delicious. Both Leila and I get lost in the flow of this topic and forget multiple times we are even on a podcast recording. We both share intimate experiences we’ve had unpacking some pretty messy times in our hearts and minds so you have real-life examples of how to do some of the work from birth to now that will help you lift and raise your vibration. 

We unpack in detail the powerful philosophies of yoga, the soul, trauma, healing and practical techniques to build internal connection, energy and overall re-integration of ourselves as a whole being. 

I know, right? Fucking rad. 

Some of my fav points covered:

  • Discerning what it is to be a human and the connection between infinite and our human sense of “me”.
  • The three aspects of the soul; “Sat Chit Ananda” (Satcitānanda, Satchidānanda, or Sat-cit-ānanda (Sanskrit: सच्चिदानन्द) ?
  • The connection between stimulus addiction, lack of presence and fulfilment and our ignorance to our true nature
  • Why we need to know who/what we really are in order to amplify joy, peace, love and all the good feels.
  • Working with the mind, our mental mood and voice and getting right with the mind.
  • How to practice self-healing and trauma release.
  • Taking personal responsibility to the inventory of our decisions, macro actions, thoughts and sanskaras 
  • What you need in order to love self and of others
  • Strengthing discipline through our own “stoking of fire”
  • The shadow of self and spiritual growth and how to check-in if its playing out in your life
  • Why consistency and self-trust in your life for strength and freedom
  • How painful events in the past, unprocessed, can lead to feeling hollow, emptier and even affect self-esteem, happiness and wellbeing
  • How to cultivate our own inner energy to utilise, channel and work through something greater than ourselves. 
  • When Leila described step by step how she re-integrated parts of her being that she had left behind throughout her life and overcome multiple different fears,  traumas and insecurities
  • Taking your practices from about “me” to about “we” in order to find courage, discipline and 
  • The most simple tool for making decisions that will either fill you or drain you. 


Before making any decision, especially tough ones, place your hand on your heart and take five deep breaths first.

Discover and connect with Leila here





So, loves...

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