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As a holistic behavioural therapist, Amber invites her guests to reveal the workings of their inner world while unpacking their expertise in topics ranging from psychosomatic therapies and bio-hacking to multi-million dollar for-profit organisations bettering our planet. She extracts the practices, habits, traits and strategies they teach, have mastered or are developing. The conversations are often deep, hilarious and reveal the human behind the voice.
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Jun 18, 2021

The primal approach is about doing less, better.

This podcast is the epitome of an example of organic self-discovery.

Adam shares how it was one foot in front of the other for him. Listening to the big nudges and following the subtle pulls of what felt right for him and of course, moving towards what was both confronting but liberating.

The adjective primal describes something that’s essential or basic, like the primal urge to protect yourself and your family from harm. The Latin root of primal is primus, which means first. If your friend talks about his primal self, he means the most basic, important part of who he is.

Adam is a living breathing experiment of what it looks and feels like when we strip everything back to the basics.

“After lots of reading, research and curiosity, I was lucky enough to stumble across the caveman diet (paleo). Within a few weeks of starting to eat a more nutrient rich wholefood diet, my health dramatically improved. My thyroid was healing.

As I started to improve more and more, I realised getting back to basics and focusing on the simple things were really important for me. Kicking my shoes off and getting barefoot has been powerful.

Working in the mines gave me a high paying job but I was miserable. Shift work and all-nighters were shitty. It was a scary decision, but I quit my job to travel Australia. I had zero plans but to get back into nature and just immerse myself into some beautiful scenery and see where the road would take me.” – Adam Kavanagh

Some of the points we weave in and out of include:

  • How long Adam hid his symptoms of food intolerances, depression, anxiety attacks and everything else that came with hyperthyroidism.
  • The doctors’ suggestions for a *solution* that lead him to shifting to a paleo diet.
  • Adam’s inner process for leaving the mines: his fears, hesitations, conditioning and action plan.
  • His journey to Africa that was a strategy for his wellbeing and ultimately supported his decision to leaves the mines.
  • What it was like to meet the locals, community and be invited into the indigenous community in outback Australia.
  • His step-by-step process to stripping things back to as clean and simple as possible and the improvement in his wellbeing.
  • What it’s like to eat and live off the land using indigenous tracking techniques, a bow and arrow and fire pit cooking.
  • His three-week experience of being on the reality TV show, Naked and Afraid where he was dropped in the middle of no man’s land in a part of Africa with a woman he’d never met, naked and had to survive without assistance for three weeks.
  • How he survived one of his most confronting encounters in the outback including being ripped up by a wild boar and collecting honey from killer bees.
  • What he believes is the most important skill of all for surviving the outback.
  • What he learned from the land and the indigenous friends he made who now feel like family to him.
  • What he’s now doing (taking people to have bush experiences, working with fire making and re-wilding).

You can listen along here

You can listen along here

Contact Adam and find out more about this legend in these places:


Instagram: @adam_kavanagh_

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Mar 5, 2021

Psychology, embodiment and toxic relationships...

What a subtitle, eh?

Let me begin with a little appreciation for your patience. It's been a minute between podcasts as they draw the short straw when I'm elbow deep in projects. I can assure you, this is worth it. 

Laura Corcoran is a Holistic Psychologist. Her 10 years of experience in the field range from forensic, mental health, and addictions primarily. She's also an incredibly honest, raw, intelligent, kind woman and a Mum of "two light beams", as she puts it.  

This episode is vast in its topic and while it began with the contradictions around some of the principles of psychology, we weave in and out of rabbit holes that most people can relate to including repressed trauma emerging in the *stressful* now of life and toxic bonds in passion relationships. 


  • Trauma that we might not realise is trauma (it's not always how it seems).
  • All of us have in our life experienced a time where what we were feeling was too much.
  • Toxic bonded relationships we think are filled with passion but are bound together by pain.
  • An embodied approach to healing and the basis 
  • The basics that psychology can forget that make all the difference to long term change
  • Sensory experiences, breath and movement for regulation and healing
  • A ton more...

This little quote is from one of Laura's influences, Peter Levine, and somewhat encompasses the point Laura unpacks around the dire need for embodied practices within psychology treatments. 

"If frightening sensations are not given the time and attention they need to move through the body and resolve or dissolve, the individual will continue to be gripped by fear." - Peter A. Levine, Psychologist

Listen here

Find more of Laura here:

IG @hersuccessfulmind


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Jan 22, 2021

Is it worth it?...

I have a really rad friend called Benny and he developed an app based on vice optimisation.

Basically, you check in the next day after getting on the booze and decided if it was worth it or not.

This reflection practice, alone, has proven to support humans in staying in integrity and showing signs of increased happiness by up to 400%.

I actually made that up that stat, but who hasn't been 400% more stoked when they've been able to pause and shift direction from an otherwise destructive path? Exactly.

I borrowed my mate Benny’s idea and held that question up with a magnifying glass to my life and business.

My priority is joy, that's my measuring stick for 'worth it'. Because - joy.

Usually, people look at the return and if it's shiny or powerful looking enough, they sacrifice the juiciness and don't question the burnout factor or the destruction of busyness.

In fact, there's a virus nestled in the minds of humanity that if it had a voice it would say, "The more time and energy you put in, the more worth it, it is. Never mind the collateral damage to your mental health, wellbeing, relationships and happiness - it's the outcome that counts”.

It would also be in Trump's voice…..maybe, I don't know. But you get the idea.

How often are we sacrificing happiness, joy, spaciousness, peace, love and orgasms for a cost we will pay 10 x time, at least, sometime in the future?

I have been known to be guilty of such things and right now is a great time to pull things apart and examine what’s working, honest and fulfilling and what’s not.

Below is a solo-session podcast talking you through the process.

My anthem is - self-lead geniuses for the win. You being the genius, me leading you to the water and you drinking form your own genius pond.

Have a listen here. There is a step by step on the page as well as a 12-minute breakdown of how to do it.

I hope you enjoy looking at the inside of your life; the sacredness and ceremony of energetic  flow itself. 

And while we are on the topic of things that are worth it.

SuperCharged is almost full. All you fence-sitters, let's jump or you will miss it and it'll be sad and you'll have to turn to Ben and Jerry's half baked ice-cream to grieve the spot you didn't claim as yours.


Stpe 1. Grab a piece of paper and split it into three columns.

 Column 1 = list.

Column 2 = is it worth it?

Column 3 = action.

Step 2. Write your list of the following in column 1

  • List all the things you do in a day, week, month and year.
  • List the 10 relationships you invest the most time in.
  • The three things you spend the most money on.
  • List the 10 thoughts that ruminate through your mind.`
  • The top five food/beverages you ingest.
  • The beliefs you am currently choosing to believe about money, time, energy and making stuff happen!

Step 3. Assess what is worth it or not and mark it with a Y or N.

Step 4.  Next to the things that are an N, write what action you will take to either reduce the amount of time/energy/money invested or remove it altogether.

Enjoy. There are no rules, adapt to your life.

Be Honest.

Apply for SuperCharged here.

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Nov 27, 2020

Awaken your womb, awaken your creative potential...

Sammi Jane is a deliciously wise woman who brings light to the consciousness of the womb and its wisdom - and no, you don't need a physical womb in order for this to make sense, matter or tap into the flow of life's infinite energy. 

Sammi Jane is the creatrix behind, a trained exercise physiologist and holistic wellness coach. Sammi was initiated onto the shamanic path from Spirit through both kundalini and womb awakenings.

We touch on

  • What is "Womb Wisdom", and why would we want to 'awaken' it?
  • How this wisdom and energy connection to creativity 
  • What the male version of the womb is
  • How can we know if we are blocked/disconnected from our womb
  • Practices you can do to begin connecting with your womb consciousness
  • The unification of masculine and feminine energy in relation to this wisdom
  • And SO much more...

Listen here


Find Sammi at



Facebook and FREE Facebook Group click here.

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Oct 7, 2020

Hard conversations lead to radical transformation...

Episode number 50 is a heart pounder. Not only is Dr Jeremy Goldberg one of my most favourite people on the planet, what he has to offer on the topic of creative grown, doing hard things, integrity and how to have hard conversations that matter is life-changing. 

From Jeremy himself

"My mission is to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace.  As part of that purpose, I write articles, send emails, host retreats and workshops, give TEDx talks, coach clients, host a podcast, write books, and make spoken word poetry videos.  I am also active on Facebook and Instagram, leading an online tribe of more than 35,000 badass humans. If you want to learn more about me, click here for a shortlist of my favourite shit on the planet.

My name is Jeremy, I founded Long Distance Love Bombs, and I am fucking stoked to meet you. "

We touch on


  • The different stages of creative growth and how to know where you are
  • What causes us to procrastinate and how to overcome it
  • The difference between sharing from our wounds or our scars
  • How expression from a place of pain can be done well
  • How expression from your wounds can also be out of alignment
  • Whether  you need to be 'healed' fully in order to teach another
  • How to overcome the sense of obligation to produce as an entrepreneur
  • Making it easy to have hard conversations that better your relationships and your life
Sep 14, 2020

Jamie Rea guides us from an under-functioning sensitive, shy kid into an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and actor. 

  • How claiming personas can both support expression but risk getting lost in the identity.
  • Marrying together the parts of ourselves we discover throughout our lives.
  • The long journey through a dark time requires blazing a path, not finding it.
  • Be willing to feel lost, feel uncertain, and feel lost in the dark times of life.
  • Harnessing the uninhibited part of ourselves.
  • The fear of coming into integrity requires the death of the part of us that fears being seen.
  • We can’t reach flow unless we’re willing to meet the abyss.
  • The healing of body connection in relation to shadow integration.
  • The history and healing of over-functioners and under-functioners.
  • The magnetic force between the opposing functions.
  • The root cause being shame and how to heal/transcend it.
  • Disembodiment from the neck up makes you numb.
  • The power of working with where you are at and meeting ourselves tenderly and honestly with that.
  • The admittance of flaws and ownership of power both being key elements in leading and teaching from embodiment.
  • Meeting our grief so we can find our joy.

Jamie Rea is a Transformational Relationship & Life Coach, Soul Guide & Teacher, Award-Winning Screenwriter,
Storyteller, Filmmaker, and Comedy Writer & Creator.

He has written about relationships professionally for various digital publications across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K for nearly a decade.

Jamie works primarily with co-dependent under-functioning men and women all over the world to help them unlock their deepest soul potential, own their voice and step into their power, and create truly soul-satisfying love relationships.

Jamie regularly lends his comedy talents to his teaching, combining a space of play, humor, and lightness with the sacred healing work he does with his clients.

He is the Creator and Founder of The Deep & Dirty Collective, which combines Jamie’s teachings with a playful, humorous, and dirty twist. In addition, Jamie is also a Performer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Comedian, and is regularly writing movies and TV shows for the film industry, as well as writing, directing, and performing his own video content for the online space that satirizes the spiritual and growth industries.

Sep 8, 2020

"When I lost the lower half of my leg in an accident, my visions of representing Australia seemed to be destroyed in the blink of an eye. When faced with this situation I had to make a choice, Hide from the world or take it as a challenge and attack it head-on."

Scott went on to be a four-time Paralympic Gold Medalist.

We cover his journey from losing his leg in a farming accident

  • The mental and emotional resilience required to face a new identity, a new world, and begin your dreams from scratch
  • The power of decision that took him back into the competitive sport as an amputee
  • How we went from being just seconds behind making the podium and the technique he mastered that took him to a gold medal four times over
  • The drive behind ‘winning’ changing form from achievement to contribution
Aug 28, 2020

Breaking upper limits requires presence,

Today's episode has four different facets of psychology and healing, explored through the life and profession of Dan Kurlapski.

Whilst a physio in a 'past' life, Dan is an NLP(NeuroLinguisticProgramming) Master Practitioner and Trained in Integral Semantic Facilitation. In short - it involves work on how the language we use, both verbal and non-verbal, has a direct connection to the deepest parts of our sub-conscious, where all of our limitations, beliefs and potential to thrive take place.

From Arctic Leadership Wilderness Adventures to running Online Conscious Festivals week one of international lockdown, Dan has a plethora of experience and wisdom in using the very moments that can potentially break us, to stimulate and expand our personal potential.

Dan has travelled the world learning about meditation, developmental psychology, communication and human performance. He believes in connecting the human with their truest expression of self, building their capacity to serve the collective from a healthy, thriving state whilst having a regenerative impact on this planet.


Some of what we cover includes:

The necessity for a plan V the necessity for flow

The body is the gateway to presence

Surrendering in your body, not your mind

Balancing a healthy masculine drive

It's not about mindset, its about openness

The drawbacks of ‘sticking to your guns’

Being open to opportunity is more important than knowing what’s next

The best plan is TRUST

Presence is the catalyst for creation

Resistance is what creates suffering

Listening is key to making the ‘right decision

Seeking distorts your ability to hear

Discover more about Dan in these places:


Yes And Website

Instagram: @project_yes_and

Dan Facebook

If you have a moment we'd love to know if you can relate to anything we shared. Comment below if so.

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Aug 18, 2020

What would you do if you lost both of your legs?

When Vanessa lost both of her legs in a tragic train accident at the age of 15, she got told she would never be able to walk again.

She went on to become a paralympic gold medallist and world record holder in the long jump. 


We discuss:

  • grieving the entire life she envisioned she'd have
  •  standing up against those 'wiser' and who 'knew more', and winning
  • the difference between determination and self-punishment
  • moving beyond perceived present limitations and carving a new path
  • how physical excellent will be limited by your level of mental strength 
  • understanding deeply that the power of choice is in your hands alone
  • what life looks like now; love, purpose, passion, goals and training
  • the single most potent advice she has to offer from this wild and wonderful journey

If you have a moment we'd love to know if you can relate to anything we shared. Comment below if so.

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Jun 11, 2020

Are you Thriving or just Surviving?

Today's episode covers some key areas about what it really takes to THRIVE mentally and emotionally in a world where life can change in a heartbeat. From losing loved ones to business being turned upside down due to a sudden worldwide pandemic. We unpack the foundations of Optimising Human Potential using what we have and use each and every moment; thoughts, feeling, breath, attention, sleep, nutrition, presence, movement as medicine and more. 

Brett Robinson is one of my dearest friends and business partner for Calm Mind Co.

He has consulted as a Performance Coach and Performance Therapist to Olympic level, Track and Field Athletes, Various AFL, NRL and ARU teams, Redbull athletes and many more. Additionally, he’s coached managers, CEO’s, high performing business owners and entrepreneurs. His Performance Coaching is a combination of his incredible understanding of mindset, emotional intelligence, nutrition and gut health, breathing, physiology, movement efficiency and much more.

We cover:

  • What turns a country boy into an elitist who  THRIVEs in all areas of life
  • The power of gratitude and it's connection to performance
  • How to stay focused on your vision and goals when the world around you is noisy
  • Overcoming bullying when following your purpose
  • The link between human behaviour and performance
  • The foundations of wellbeing we can transform in our everyday life
  • Using Acceptance and Commitment to transform rage and blame
  • How the murder of Brett's grandparents taught him
  • How your external environment does not determine your internal state
  • The transformation of grief and gratitude
  • The power of choice and how to use it
  • Fuelling joy and abundance with simple techniques
  • How to respond instead of reacting, gain clarity and make a massive impact in the world

It's deep, raw and inspiring.

Find more about Brett at

Brett Robbo Instagram

Your Life Of Impact

Calm Mind Co

THRIVE by Calm Mind Co

If you have a moment we'd love to know if you can relate to anything we shared. Comment below if so.

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May 22, 2020

Shame parties cultivate wholeness

Leann Rimes is a bloody legend.

An open-hearted powerhouse who isn't afraid of her own humanity.

LeAnn is a multi-platinum selling acclaimed singer who has sold over 44 million units globally. She is a powerhouse vocalist with multiple Grammy and Music awards. Yes - she is the magic being responsible for the epic hits from the classic, Coyote Ugly.

LeAnn has a personal blog and name Soulofeverle across all social platforms where she brings love and joy to the world including meditations, soulful episodes, her voice and healing frequency candles.

The main points we cover in this episode include:

  • The multidimensional aspects of being a human
  • Why 'shame parties' are necessary in order for us to become more whole being - and ENJOY life!
  • The experience of having to stop for the first time since she was 11 and what that feels like and plays out in both light and dark ways in her world
  • The integrations and awareness of all parts of ourselves that we get to look at when we stop
  • How LeAnn worked through and with shame during and now still, after a very public display of her previous relationship ending with infidelity wound in and how that still impacts in a different way
  • How the darkest times of our lives lead to our deepest growth
  • Her exploration  of herself on a new platform and how this grew into
  • When you strive from lack, it disrupts flow and chokes joy
  • Working with wholesomeness as a human being including integrating and loving rejected aspects of ourselves from the shadow
  • What she learned about fame, integrity and what's most important in life
  • When you choose alignment, you can 'have it all'
  • Unconditional love and joy are tools as much as they  are states of being

No, I didn't get to serenade her to Can't Fight The Moonlight, but I will. I made a promise.

Please, go and check out LeAnns work here

If you have a moment we'd love your words and comments,

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Apr 13, 2020

Humans (including men) are relational beings,

This episode explores some of the more hands-on work for men, and the masculine, that is often overlooked, underestimated or displaced by cognitive therapy alone. We dive into the role of relating to the world, others, self, source, emotions and everything as fundamental to rebuilding the divine masculine in a healthy way.

We cover deep and wide avenues in this chat including:

  • What presence and being in ‘flow’ looks and feels like and appreciating the contrast of numbness as a result of a severed connection to source
  • How a lot of men/people surrogate needs of touch and feel with women when they actually need that vital connection with men also
  • How to restore vitality to mens/all beings lives and how to actively be influenced at every level
  • Exploring the patterns in different types of addictions that coincide from a lack of certain needs being met as a child
  • How many attachment styles and codependency habits develop as a result of trauma
  • Exploring the difference between somatic and cognitive therapy; why we need more than speaking in order to heal
  • Denying our nature of being relational beings and how disconnection has been celebrated in men.. and the damage that ensues as a result of this denial
  • Clarifying true power (influence) and control and how control is a lack of trust and shutting down
  • The piece for women in this work is creating openings for men in our world and how to do that
  • Why for some men, it can be exhausting to remove walls and remain vulnerable, even in the face of vulnerability
  • message from Michael for men who get frozen in the face of confronting their own walls and vulnerabilities
  • Why letting yourself feel, be influenced and be affected in relationships is empowering for all

My favourite bit was - all of that. Mainly when Michael talks about how doing this work is a form of activism for the collective rise of our future. 

Please, go and check out Michael's work



Sacred Sons


If you have a moment we'd love your words and comments,

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Apr 13, 2020

Imagine sourcing your sense of power and love from within, forever.

This episode is about how to use intimacy, with self and others, in order to move through pain, discomfort and resistance to create a life of fulfilment and truest expression as a sovereign being. 

Sovereignty in its most simple form is being self-governed. You are not swayed or lead by internal or external environments. You are the leader, the creator and the seer of your world and life, period.

Not only is woman exceptionally fierce and an embodiment of love, but she is also a dear friend of mine who I've been energetically held by. I know the power of her insights and light and am delighted to share them with you all.

From Court,

"I'm Courtney McNabb. I'm a women's Empowerment Coach and Feminine Energy Repatterning Trainer touring the world activating women in their fierce feminine power.

Between and during global ventures, I work with female spiritual leaders and seekers across the globe. My mission is to activate an unshakable internal world and to align high-vibrational energetic behavioral patterns with sacred purpose. I help women dissolve wounded stories which keep them feeling scarce, stuck, and limited.

My home base in Denver, Colorado, where I love creating community and drinking oat milk lattes. I specialize in Sovereignty and the Sacred Feminine, love plant dancing to gangster rap and adventuring the mountains with my boyfriend and baby sister."

The bottom line of the interview explores the following (and then some):

  • What does sovereignty mean?
  • How your thoughts, actions, mess are yours..and then what’s beyond that?
  • Moving beyond our personality structure
  • Free will and how to exercise your power of choice
  • Burning the pushing paradigm
  • Holding yourself and landing in your body when we are re writing codes in our consciousness
  • The work is invisible and where our invitation is
  • The rejection of ‘trust’ is the old masculine..and something to embrace
  • Knowing your kingdom to govern it
  • Understanding we have operated from the wounded feminine and what it takes to shift that
  • Grieving adjustments as a man to embracing the feminine energy
  • The key to unlocking the leverage of connection and surrender to source and flow
  • Noticing the wounded marline and feminine within and how do the divine versions interplay
  • Integrating all four parts of our divinity into one
  • Trusting ideas, inspirations and goals as a GUIDE to your life not a ‘pipe dream’
  • How we are fearing the divine love of the feminine which is the opposing force magnetic to the patriarchy..which is what we are dissolving
  • How to release analysis, paralysis, control and judgment through this work
  • Allowing this all to be simple, releasing control and contraction and order to own your true power

Connect with Courtney below:





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Apr 13, 2020

Fear screams, while the soul whispers.

The skill of listening to your soul is subtle and sublime and Alana and I dive right into the different ways in which humans both sever and can reconnect to the very source of our own soul.

It’s as practical and human a conversation as you can imagine with a being who was once a lawyer and now a world-renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author, inspiring a devoted following of her work.

Alana’s beautiful, extensive and highly original body of work includes oracle decks, books and powerful online healer training program. 

This episode is published with the intention to help you wake up to what you may not even realise has fallen asleep. It’s often the root of all these outer habits that keep us distracted and unfulfilled.

Some of the powerful points we cover include:

  • A down to earth insight into oracle decks and channelling spirit
  • Cultivating trust in something greater than yourself
  • Expanding our capacity to evolve into our purpose
  • Following the cosmic breadcrumbs and getting out of our own way
  • How to explore different truths and versions of your beliefs and life
  • Moving beyond what we ‘know’ into
  • Why struggle tends to lead to awakening (even if it is not necessary)
  • The shit in your life fertilising the new paths in your life\
  • Listening to a different language to know without knowing how you know
  • Working with the triggers of releasing only logical way go proceeding forward in life
  • Disconnect from out truth causing the suffering
  • A business approach that is more tuned into a feminine creative flow rather than force and plan it all
  • The intricacy of the vision (control of outcome) needs releasing in order for the greater intelligence to do its work
  • An innate higher order that appears to be random is an opportunity to trust self and our own journey
  • Understanding the signs and guidance from divine beings and the necessity to strengthen our connection to source
  • Mindset is a foundational part of inviting in support and relationships with something greater than ourselves
  • Asking for support is vital, simple and smart.
  • Plug-in and say thank you!

Find the episode below and please comment with your biggest takeaways once you have had a listen.

Do yourself a favour, go and explore more of Alana:

The Quan Yi





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Jan 22, 2020

Do you know what turns you on?

Today's podcast is sensual, fire, flow and erotic feminine.

I had the pleasure (pun intended) of interviewing Jamie Thompson.

Over the last decade, Jamie has developed a body of work to support her women and couples with letting go of negative patterns around sex so they can design a sex-life of hot eroticism and soul-quenching intimacy. Her background is in trans-personal psychology, neuroscience, sensual embodiment, and holographic movement reprogramming. Jamie has travelled around the world teaching masterminds, business events and private clients, how to up-level their success and creativity through sexual transmutation.

The things I loved most  in this episode:

  • Masks of masculinity for women who are feminine at their core
  • Remembering pleasure and feeling
  • How to soften and open in relationships
  • Re-energising and vitalising through coming home
  • Entering the pull instead of the push
  • Reclaiming your polarity
  • Coming back to the ancient wisdom of a women
  • Honouring the intelligence of the primal energy
  • Exploring the different Erotic Menu for each of us
  • The masculine paradigm sabotaging the divinity of the feminine
  • Awakening Your Erotic Muse (course Jamie has)
  • Supporting yourself in coming back home to the feminine
  • Not being afraid of the power of your darkness
  • Understanding clean and clear dark and shadow dark
  • 5 ways to get into your feminine in three minutes
  • Build your foundations of life from your sexual roots
  • Unpacking shame and shadow of pleasure and sexuality
  • Changing sex education and the way we approach sex


Jamie has five ways in under three minutes to turn on your feminine. It's in the final minutes of the episode. Let us know in the comments below, what your favourite is. 

Discover and connect with Jamie here:

Here course,

Awakening Your Erotic Muse






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Jan 7, 2020

What's your vibe say about your life?

Ever wondered what yoga teachers, healers, lightworkers, coaches and therapists mean when they talk about the divine, source,  energy or soul? With this wild and wild trauma-informed coach, facilitator and yoga teacher, we unpack and navigate the invisible work of the divine. 

Leila is a trauma-informed empowerment coach and spiritual mentor, who lives an adventurous nomadic lifestyle travelling all over the world to inspire healing through creative movement, personal empowerment & deep spiritual connection. You can find Leila with her pup, Folly, teaching yoga classes, leading mindfulness workshops and hosting health and wellness retreats.

So I am in love with Leila, she is one of those humans. 

She’s experienced, embodied, honest, grounded, opened hearted, humble, strong fierce and fucking hilarious. This is one of my longer podcasts. We did this live in Costa Rica on the second last day of a retreat she was running that I dropped into to say hi and connect with her and our mutual friends and her co-hosts, Jeremy Goldberg and Traver Boehm. 

Yes, life is delicious. Both Leila and I get lost in the flow of this topic and forget multiple times we are even on a podcast recording. We both share intimate experiences we’ve had unpacking some pretty messy times in our hearts and minds so you have real-life examples of how to do some of the work from birth to now that will help you lift and raise your vibration. 

We unpack in detail the powerful philosophies of yoga, the soul, trauma, healing and practical techniques to build internal connection, energy and overall re-integration of ourselves as a whole being. 

I know, right? Fucking rad. 

Some of my fav points covered:

  • Discerning what it is to be a human and the connection between infinite and our human sense of “me”.
  • The three aspects of the soul; “Sat Chit Ananda” (Satcitānanda, Satchidānanda, or Sat-cit-ānanda (Sanskrit: सच्चिदानन्द) ?
  • The connection between stimulus addiction, lack of presence and fulfilment and our ignorance to our true nature
  • Why we need to know who/what we really are in order to amplify joy, peace, love and all the good feels.
  • Working with the mind, our mental mood and voice and getting right with the mind.
  • How to practice self-healing and trauma release.
  • Taking personal responsibility to the inventory of our decisions, macro actions, thoughts and sanskaras 
  • What you need in order to love self and of others
  • Strengthing discipline through our own “stoking of fire”
  • The shadow of self and spiritual growth and how to check-in if its playing out in your life
  • Why consistency and self-trust in your life for strength and freedom
  • How painful events in the past, unprocessed, can lead to feeling hollow, emptier and even affect self-esteem, happiness and wellbeing
  • How to cultivate our own inner energy to utilise, channel and work through something greater than ourselves. 
  • When Leila described step by step how she re-integrated parts of her being that she had left behind throughout her life and overcome multiple different fears,  traumas and insecurities
  • Taking your practices from about “me” to about “we” in order to find courage, discipline and 
  • The most simple tool for making decisions that will either fill you or drain you. 


Before making any decision, especially tough ones, place your hand on your heart and take five deep breaths first.

Discover and connect with Leila here





So, loves...

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Nov 28, 2019

Are you leading or are you being lead?

And whatever the answer….is it a conscious decision.

This podcast made me hurt from laughing and cracked me open with its truth.

It's with the brilliant,  Traver Boehm.

Traver is the author of Today I Rise, a TEDx speaker and men’s coach, currently practicing intentional nomadism. He is the founder of the Man Uncivilized Movement redefining the way around the globe experience their masculinity by uniquely blending both the Primal Masculine with the Divine.

What I love about this podcast is that I know in my heart of hearts, just by listening people will have some profound shifts and life insights.

Traver is the kind of man that makes the feminine feel safe because, within himself, he’s done, and continues to do the integration work of his shadows. But most of all, he’d be too humble to say so.

In this episode, we unpack the history of masculine trauma, the light, dark and gold of the shadows and the evolutionary consciousness and importance of our collective healing.

We unpack how he came to write his freshly published and genuinely soul-awakening book, The Uncivilised Man.

A few of  the many points we cover:

  • How the masculine unconsciously or consciously outsource their emotional healing to the feminine
  • What's in the shadows of the collective masculine
  • What a man can do to make a woman feel safe
  • The history of how men became civilised, suppressed and traumatized and the ripple effect that we are now facing.
  • The devil and savior of social media and its connection to depression and healing
  • How the birth of the Civilised concept evolved from a conversation about Mc Donalds.
  • What a shadow is and how to find the gold in the shadows and or reclaim the power that’s maybe there
  • The red flags that there is trauma to be worked through and how it plays out in a relationship and life
  • How the masculine shadow triggers the feminine shadow and how the feminine can make the moves first to catalyse healing
  • What steps you can take to heal and move towards the truest most conscious version of yourself?
  • Compassion, compassion and more compassion.

Find someone you can trust and have an honest conversation with, and share what your written reply to this question is (writing for one minute) “if my pain could speak to me today it would say”…

Pain has depth, you have to go to a depth to reach pain. 

You have to breathe to find it and then breathe to heal it.

So, loves...

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Until next time....




Nov 20, 2019

Did you ever think to look at your missing element?

Me neither, until I spoke to Debra Silverman on podcast #37

Debra Silverman is part Astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian and ALL REAL. She helps people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in a totally objective way. Debra has been in private practice for over 40 years. She uses astrology and her own system called The 4 Elements (or 4E for short) as tools to help people step into their power. Debra’s mothering approach to understanding and empowering people from all walks of life has earned her international fame and admiration. She has written a book, magazine columns, hosted a radio show and has a YouTube channel with over 7 million views.

Key takeaways we explore:

  • the science and art of combining psychology, astronomy and astrology
  • how to read astrology as the cheat sheet and fine print of our life lessons
  • the basics of sun, rising and moon signs to understand yourself
  • how to understand your elements and how its relative to balance
  • the relationship of spirit working through our personal journey
  • how to look within our signs and understand what keeps us stuck and how to  un-stick :)
  • being the most yourself you can be is the best way to avoid suffering
  • how to figure out the connection between you missing element and how you can become unstuck
  • using astrology to navigate and choose relationships
  • where to look to to understand your life lesson to get right to the centre






Discover your missing elements and surrender yourself to the greater good.

Each day, proclaim: use me, let me serve, let me be a channel for all. 

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Until next time....



Nov 4, 2019

If you want real life examples of what it takes, looks and feels like to re-parent, heal, transcend the destructive behaviours that kept us safe as children but sacrifice our true selves as adults, this is your podcast. 

Kylie McBeath is the Co-Founder of Zura Health, Writer, Emotional Wellness Coach, and a spokesperson for soul. She is committed to uncovering the tools, technology, and ethos to live a life at the bleeding edge of our potential. From inner struggles to moments of complete bliss, Kylie invites us to the depths of our own shadow so that we can integrate, accept, and become the most aligned version of ourselves. Her mission is to create a world that is in harmony with all of life’s expressions by simply being her raw, vulnerable, and human AF self.

What I feel you'll vibe the most with in this episode:

  • The road out of sabotage is liberating, but it comes with your whole body having to go through  the motions of fear and "death".  
  • It's a process which we face on a human level as we collectively shift from powerlessness to  reclamation
  •  Examining "death" and our survival strategies that are no longer in alignment with our highest
  • Stepping out of punitive consciousness and cultivating practical practices to support this growth
  • Tools and techniques that you can use right now to help you sustain your new choices and beliefs when it feels scary and impossible
  • Exploring how boundary setting is a process that requires action and consequence not just verbal explanation
  • Unpacking the different ways in which our feeling 'not enough' unless we receive or do X, Y and Z can show up in the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) imbalance
  • That we are all human, supporting and navigating this life and how powerful it can be to learn the lesson of asking for support, being radically honest with yourself and most of all, how to do this

This episode is so personal because well, it's something we all go through as humans and both Kylie  and I are real about this. We both know that expressing out  own journeys as well as sharing  advice, tools and techniques to do  this powerful work yourself are equally as important. W

We will definitely have a part two on this one!

For now, here is where to get more of Ky...


Instagram @beingisbeautiful



Reconnect to yourself, your inner-child and all the part within you. In stillness, validate all of the parts of  yourself that feel alone, unloved, unworthy. place your hand  on your body and give these parts of yourself hands on love, support and energy from within yourself, DAILY.  

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Be in your ears soon....



Oct 1, 2019

Be patient, love. 

If you’d like to bloom, you must first be willing to be buried. 

Sit in the mud, let it wash over you, let the tears wash you clean, step into the freedom of your pain and let it cleanse you of blame and then, watch your confidence rise up and present itself love. 

After overcoming a life full of trauma, physical and sexual abuse, near-death experiences, breaking her back and being widowed, Erika Cramer found herself drowning in pain and sadness trying to numb everything she had been through. These life changing experiences finally lead her to life coaching where she went on a deep path to personal growth and healing. As a confidence coach she is here to guide women to living a life where they seek progress, not perfection. She is taking a bold stand for women owning their throne and reclaiming their confidence.

What I loved most about this episode is that Erika wanted to lick my face and I wanted to lick hers.

Translation: We vibed, and these kinds of conversations are full of flow, soul, insight and deep transformation for listenings. 

We touched on:

  • How patience and perseverance through the rough shit is where confidence is learnt and cultivated. 
  • If you dont choose to connect with others through transparency and honesty, you will feel more alone and helpless, and will stunt your expansion and burry your esteem. 
  • Trust in self and life is built by committing to doing the work, and then acting on it. 
  • Ownership of your experience should not be as simple as a Pinterest quote on a wall;  it's about deep healing, purging and profound insight that comes from all of the above. 
  • Responsibility is not bypassing; you cannot be grateful and use your painful experiences until you've transcended the hurt and victim mentality. 
  • Purpose through hardship and experience is the result of first becoming uncomfortable and then choosing, with an attitude of oneness, to share, teach and support others. 

It is deeply delicious and it's going to rock your mind and heart. Listen to the episode here:


You can find more of Erika here:

Website and Info on the Sistahood

Instagram @thequeenofconfidence




I got so excited that I forgot the challenge questions SO, I'm going to make one for you. 

Go and read, “Loving What Is”, by Byron Katie. I'm dead serious, it's a wicked and essential read to accelerating self reflection and self awareness. It's also very freeing. 

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Until next time....



Jul 30, 2019

Let's talk mens integrity and mental health.

We are all connected to men in some way. We all have (or had) a father, we may have male siblings, friends, or intimate relationships, and we’re all intimately connected and affected by the mental wellbeing and integrity of men past, present and future. 

Part of the discussion of working through oppression and repression and patriarchy is how to prevent this from happening and help heal the unconscious within each person (specifically men in this podcast) that’s fuelling this in the first place. It’s being present with how this was created, building unity rather than separation from what we want to change, and support this through voice, action, unconditional love and expression. We need to heal together, not apart.

Mike is a men’s coach, author, and wannabe professional stone fruit eater. Mike is the founder of The School of Personal Mastery – a group coaching program for everyday men wanting to get their shit together and achieve greater success and happiness in their career, relationships, and life - without the guilt and hang-ups. 

With loving straight talk, Mike passionately makes personal development relatable, accessible, and applicable for everyday men to better help themselves and others. He is also the creator of Beyond The Beers, a show and series of live events for men taking a beer with mates to new depths, and actually talking about the shit that matters.

The dynamics of this interview shifts gears rapidly as we cover:

  • What does it mean when you ask a man “Who are you?” and how this question is not a judgement, but an invitation that will move you towards what you may not know you’re missing.
  • Understanding that avoidance or stimulation is a symptom of moving away from what we really need to pay attention to. Avoidance takes us in circles. 
  • Examples of what it means to be in integrity with yourself as a man; thoughts, actions, words and life itself. 
  • The struggles most men find themselves spinning around in and to identify where you are and what the next step may be.
  • Why feeling stuck and going nowhere is the perfect place to begin a deeper inquiry.
  • Specific questions to be able to reflect on when you feel stuck.
  • How to move from head to heart to be able to hear oneself, hold space and transcend emotions, deepen self connection and get to know yourself better.
  • Indoctrination to what it is to “be a man” and how we can ask the right questions to break away what no longer serves a man who wants to live in integrity. 
  • How radical responsibility for emotions and self growth are fundamental to the collective healing.
  • The relationship between masculine and feminine in a relationship and how our partners can reflect back our self deceptions.

Okay, more of Mike,

Where you can find Mike


Instagram Handle


Find someone (either Mike, or search for a local  group in person) you resonate with online, and connect and take action on this. 

Remember: everyone is walking around pretending to have their shit together - they don’t.Give yourself permission to not have all the answers. Be okay with not having your shit together, and know that you get to do something about it.


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Until next time....




Jul 25, 2019

There is nothing more delicious than a conversation with someones heart, not their head. 

Chris Black, AKA,  Chriddy is an exceptionally open hearted guy, who on top of being an extraordinary singer, songwriter, artist, is one of my clients.

He was recently on The Voice, a reality TV music show and he shares about the massive lessons he's gained by being thrust into the spotlight through  this career advance and how that triggered some of the worst anxiety and fears of judgment he's been working with for many years.

In this episode, he shares how he overcomes the fear of judgement, the anxiety he experienced on the show and the freedom he found in breathing and meditation practices he uses each day. 

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Chris's experience of anxiety past, present and future and the impact of being on television as an artist and musician had on him
  • The biggest lessons he learned about authenticity, vulnerability and expression by being on national television
  • How to overcome negativity, criticism and rejection with a simple turn around thought
  • The simple tools he uses to work through dark times, negative thoughts and the fear of judgment of others
  • His experience with meditation, breath work, mindfulness and coaching and how he uses really simple practices to support a positive mindset and overcome fear on a day to day basis
  • Sharing  what's it's like as an artist to question and own what your "purpose" is and what that means to him and how he wants to contribute to others
  • His experience of a deep euphoria through his practices and how he uses this to achieve his goals
  • The advice he as for artists/anyone standing in the face of  fear and following their dreams
  • A VERY powerful action step for unlocking potential that we can all start doing right now


Each episode has a  challenge for listeners and this episode Chris challenges you to dream up  a big dream and each day in whatever  way you have available  to you right now, take a step or action towards it that scares the shit out of you.  

We are always so stocked to read and see your reviews, so if you enjoyed it, please let us know what you think of The Amber Hawken Podcast by rating and reviewing us  on your favourite platform  - iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn.




Jul 18, 2019

Let's talk about Reclaiming Anger!

My guest today is truly in the business of challenging the status quo, and in her own words, gets even the most stubborn of us grooving into an ass shaking + move making state of mind.

Angel Phoenix Arsenal (previously known as Angela Gallo) is on the podcast today with myself and my biz sidekick Tara Caetano (stay tuned for an upcoming solo interview with her soon), to help us reclaim our anger and open our minds up to our privilege, in a way that activates change for the future.

A little more about Angel:

  • Angel Phoenix Arsenal is a Melbourne Doula who has turned her obsession with all things birth, motherhood, sexuality, women's work, social media, justice-for-all, personal growth, passionate professional development and challenging-the-status-quo mindset, into an empire of inspiration.

  • She is gregariously enthusiastic about creating monumental spaces where cis women, non-binary
    and/or non cisgendered women can come to play in BIG ways. She is also infatuated with all things powerful business strategy and principles, as well as the positively productive use of social media to successful, amplify your brand and business. Her instagram @the_angela_gallo is most certainly a playground of inspiration that you must explore.

  • Angel also trains Doulas. And not just any kind of Doulas, either. Fierce, impassioned, unique, devoted-to-the-cause, resilient, visionary, trailblazer type of Doulas – the kind committed to bringing the humanity, connection and compassion back to a multitude of thresholds Doulas hold space for. Doulas who travel to the brinks of places where all hope is lost, and bring humanity back to the barren. 

In this episode we dive into:

  • Demystifying the topics of oppression, self-suppression and the ways we have been taught to feel unsafe in our anger
  • How the "good girl" mentality and not feeling 'oppressed enough' keeps us from participating in conversations that need to be had
  • How anger serves a purpose in activating change, and how not engaging with the oppressive nature of our society is privilege in full action
  • How to discover what you're truly passionate about
  • How to have a healthy relationship with your anger, in a way that amplifies your work and cultivates confidence and conviction, vs. keeping yourself in a counter productive victim mindset


Each episode of The Amber Hawken Podcast comes with a challenge and in this episode Angel challenges you to have the hard conversations:

How can you initiate the uncomfortable conversations, both in real life and on social media?

How can you ask better of those you know? Where are you letting things slide?

How can you back these conversations up with action?

Email and tell us about your results and or experience with this (we may not reply, but always here to listen and keep you energetically accountable).

As always, we adore hearing what you think of each episode and appreciate all your itunes ratings and comments on the podcast, so if you enjoyed it, please let us know by giving us a five star and leaving a review. You can head over to your favourite platform to do this and subscribe - iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn.

More epic episode are on the way. Until then...



Jul 4, 2019

My guest today is a repeat offender (guest) on the podcast.

What I love most about this podcast is how much change I know is possible for anyone who listens to it.

The conversation style of Jer and I becomes a crazy in depth banter where we take things to a deep level of understanding and embodiment, fast. It's just how we roll which is why I am so damn excited to announce the Ignite Your Life retreat we are running in August together in Byron Bay. Check it out here. 

Okay, a little background on Jer,

The man himself is a:

  • TEDx speaker trying to make kindness cool. Watch the TEDx talk here.

  • PhD scholar who spent the past five years studying the science of human behaviour, specifically how attitudes affect action and how we can communicate to inspire greater and lasting change.

  • A spoken word poet who rants about love, life, and everything in between. Watch his most recent viral video here.

  • Instagram and beautiful words @longdistancelovebombs
  • A compassion-cultivating, day-making change agent, a kind heart, someone who believes in you.

The major take aways you'll get from this episode encompass:

  • why human beings find it so difficult to change and how to get leverage on yourself to ease that grind
  • it's not about massive action (even though sometimes it is), it's about the little things (which we dive into everyday examples of small changes for massive results)
  • what it really takes to turn your investment of time, energy, money and 'hopes' into actual action despite a lifetime of resistance and patterning
  • how to call yourself out on your own bs
  • the most effective to to make change stick
  • what kind of damage self denial, rejection, shame and guilt about not being good enough can do and how to spot when this is playing out in your life even though it's terrifying to face at times
  • lots of jokes, dirty ones, bad ones, sad ones, ones that no one but ourselves will laugh at....


Jul 3, 2019

Oh man. Welcome and thanks for being here.

It's been almost 15 months since I last released an episode and Im stoked you are here.

This episode is a solo session with myself where I will be teaching something that is the core of what I bring to any event, workshop, one on one session, retreat, corporate event and of course my own personal practice; self connection.

In this episode I take you through:

  • The different associate elements of intuition, thought, feelings, emotions, motivation, action and results
  • How to increase the fire for change towards what you want to expand on and create on in your life
  • What prevents us following through with ideas of change
  • The loop of negativity we often unconsciously find ourselves in and how to reverse it
  • Explanation of self connection on a practical level
  • How to use the breath to release tension or built up emotions
  • How to use our breath to bring the mind, body, feelings/emotions and nervous system into balance
  • A meditation that you can use anytime to come into your centre and connect to the present moment, recalibrating your mind, body and emotions with calm
  • My background and different businesses I have that are relevant to what I'm teaching in the podcast

Guys, Im so bloody glad to be back.

This is also published at

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Before you go, I have a favour to ask. If you enjoy any of the episodes, I would love it if you could let me know by leaving a review on iTunes with a five star rating. This helps the podcast reach those it may be of benefit to.

I would love to know how you went with this episode. Please leave a comment below about your experience with the guided meditation at then end. Did you notice a change in your energy or mental state?

Until next time!


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