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As the founder of Amber Hawken and Calm Mind Project, Amber questions, unpacks and simplifies the paradox of being a spiritual being in this human experience. In her solo sessions and expert guest interviews, Amber asks the important questions, like, how can we be human with less suffering, and more joy, love, growth, impact and purpose? Through clarity comes understanding and from understanding comes aligned action and wisdom. This podcast interviews experts on life science, spirituality, psychology, relationships, mental, nutritional, physical and emotional wellbeing, and entrepreneurship to alchemise confusion and fear into clarity and aligned action. Each episode has real time transformational exercises and/or techniques that can be integrated into everyday life to ensure maximum impact for the time you invest listening. Each episode will enable you to get back to what’s true and vital; your true nature and how to get there in each moment, over and over again.
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Oct 16, 2017

Today I have one of the world's best portrait photographers, Jason Malouin and we dive deep into effective communication and impacting the world through the inception of visual connection.

 I feel so freaking blessed when it comes to podcasting, because I become profoundly more wise - via the wisdom of my guests - after every conversation. 

Today some of the mind blowing points include: 

Why all connections are not equal and how the level of connection really matters.

How to ask the right questions to help the people you are trying to help.

How and why assumptions suck.

What you think matters is more than likely not what anyone else finds valuable.

Divine moments are captured via the intuitive ‘moments before’.

How to communicate effectively.

How a few quick mini wins can take you through the armour of trying to get it all perfect.

Understanding that how we think we are portraying ourselves is not how we are actually seen.

It’s the micro details in our expression that hold power.

You cannot demand genuine or authentic connection - it must be unveiled through vulnerability.

What makes a moment ‘photo worthy’.

Just because you cannot see your greatness, is never a true indication of its non-existence.

Being you requires us to remove stuff, not add on.

How to get us to our core to reveal ourselves to the world.

Communication is only effective if you begin with where the level of the listener is at.

How the key is always, to give yourself permission.

At the end of the day, it's not about the photos, it's about what we are communicating. Profound portrait photography is about being able to transmit ideas effectively, efficiently and cleanly and through an excellent image, communicating the subjects message to the world.

Find Jason at:

Portait Store

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