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As a holistic behavioural therapist, Amber invites her guests to reveal the workings of their inner world while unpacking their expertise in topics ranging from psychosomatic therapies and bio-hacking to multi-million dollar for-profit organisations bettering our planet. She extracts the practices, habits, traits and strategies they teach, have mastered or are developing. The conversations are often deep, hilarious and reveal the human behind the voice.
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Dec 21, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to 100% be yourself, no apologies needed?

Sure - fear and self-doubt might be present, but you are doing you, anyway. Well - today's guest lives life in this way; raw, open, expansive, unfiltered and slightly explicit. Just the way I like my guests. 

This is why you will love this episode with Thomas In Action (Thom Gardner):

Thoms story does not start off with him being deeply at peace with himself - quite the opposite - so we discuss how we came to this free space in life and self.

We cover:

  • Thoms entire journey from childhood until adulthood and what that looked and felt like for a man realising he was gay when he was only 9 years old. 
  • How to be gay and be okay with it. 
  • Addressing fear, judgment and how that can run your entire life unconsciously.
  • The parallel of business success and self-embracement. 
  • Owning your self-made limits and taking responsibility
  • Seeing that your greatest fear of judgment is a result of your own blindness and how to shift it to feel free to be yourself.
  • The number one key to confidence and fulfilment

Thom is an audacious young man with speed, spark and charisma. His YouTube success is up in the millions of views and I hands-down believe it is due to his connection and action according to his own inner compass. Even if that risks complete condemnation from some of the more conservative people in our world. This episode inspired me to own myself at a whole new level, and really, that's the most important thing in life in my opinion and experience. Once you can do that everyday life, discovering purpose, business growth, relationship s- the look, smell and feel a hellovalot more real and deeply fulfilling.  

I would love you to comment below on what Thomas' story gave YOU permission to own within yourself.

Reference links from the interview: Homosexuality: It's about survival, not sex.
Find Thomas online here:

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Nov 11, 2017
Today's episode is for anyone who wants to master change at a deep level. 
Belinda Davidson is an international speaker and author of Number 1 bestseller From Dark to Light.
Belinda brings a practical wisdom to the world of energy and spiritual terms that can be misunderstood and therefore dismissed. 
Her new book is a breath of fresh air.
Her ability to simultaneously capture you in her life experiences and teach at the same time is rare and needed in our world. 
Top topics and takeaways from today's episode. 
  • How to change your energy and change your life
  • Life purpose and soul purpose
  • The ultimate key to a successful life learnt from over 20 years of working as an intuitive healer and coach for famous actors, CEO's 
  • Chakras: what are they, where are they, why do they matter
  • The difference between psychic and spiritual
  • What does 'being spiritual' mean'
  • What white light is, how to create give and receive it 
  • Protecting yourself from other peoples 'stuff'; not taking it on
  • What to do if you feel different in this world like you don't belong
  • Understanding how our heaviness can be passed down to children
  • Why we have darkness in our lives
  • How to make our chakras 'happy' :)
  • Belinda's greatest wisdom from her experience a medical intuitive for 20 years

I believe we are in a world where there are mixed messages about who we are and what we are here for. 

This interview helps clarify paradox for the simple purpose of our life and complexity of the navigation. Overall, it gives such a powerful understanding of how to work through those harder moments and most of all, how to create an exceptional life through simple daily practices that focus on clearing yourself and bringing you and your energy into a clear and balanced space. 

Belinda's work can be further explored in the links below where you will find her social media, website and link to her book!



From Dark to Light



Oct 26, 2017
  • Get Better at Pleasure

    Rosie Rees blew my mind in more ways than one and she is going to blow yours.

    Ladies this is predominately for your education, however, guys - please - listen.

    There are a lot of powerful takeaways as a man (or partner) that can help you understand what women need to trust you,  and for you to help them hit that pleasure spot.

    It's most probably (definitely) not what you think or what you read in the nudie magazines or watch on Redtube! Oh - did I just say that?

    You're about to learn:

    • How to access more pleasure in your life both sexually and on all other levels.
    • The power of stripping back everything and forming a deep sense of respect for our bodies which can lead us to many breakthroughs in other areas of our life.
    • How unconscious sex and the overuse of toys can desensitise us - and ruin any chance of pleasure and climax.
    • The power of using your sexual energy for more than just an orgasm.
    • Moving through taboo of self-pleasure, sex and nudity.
    • Orgasms. How to have orgasms (even if you believe you can't), more of them and different kinds!
    • What "Sexual Magic" is and how to use it to manifest epic things in your life.
    • The most important question a man can ask a woman and vice versa (or partner to partner for all my same-sex epic beings out there).
    • Toys, eggs, pleasure wands and breathing for better climax and connection on an intimate level with yourself.
    • How noise is going to amplify, well, everything.
    • Expression - how it's vital for deeper mind-blowing love-making.
    • Internet dating - intention is everything!

    And so much more.

    Seriously - I don't think you need convincing, just go and listen - now!

    Permission gives you pleasure!

    Please hit us both back with a comment below on your biggest takeaway!
    For more about Rosie and her Pleasure Palace see below!
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Oct 16, 2017

Today I have one of the world's best portrait photographers, Jason Malouin and we dive deep into effective communication and impacting the world through the inception of visual connection.

 I feel so freaking blessed when it comes to podcasting, because I become profoundly more wise - via the wisdom of my guests - after every conversation. 

Today some of the mind blowing points include: 

Why all connections are not equal and how the level of connection really matters.

How to ask the right questions to help the people you are trying to help.

How and why assumptions suck.

What you think matters is more than likely not what anyone else finds valuable.

Divine moments are captured via the intuitive ‘moments before’.

How to communicate effectively.

How a few quick mini wins can take you through the armour of trying to get it all perfect.

Understanding that how we think we are portraying ourselves is not how we are actually seen.

It’s the micro details in our expression that hold power.

You cannot demand genuine or authentic connection - it must be unveiled through vulnerability.

What makes a moment ‘photo worthy’.

Just because you cannot see your greatness, is never a true indication of its non-existence.

Being you requires us to remove stuff, not add on.

How to get us to our core to reveal ourselves to the world.

Communication is only effective if you begin with where the level of the listener is at.

How the key is always, to give yourself permission.

At the end of the day, it's not about the photos, it's about what we are communicating. Profound portrait photography is about being able to transmit ideas effectively, efficiently and cleanly and through an excellent image, communicating the subjects message to the world.

Find Jason at:

Portait Store

Oct 10, 2017
Ronsley Vaz is not only one of my dearest friends, he is the creative director, owner and head daydreamer at Amplify - the biggest audio agency on the planet. 
His heart is bigger than Mt Everest and his humour is sharper than a tac.
This is just the start (there is a lot) of what we cover in today's episode:
What is 'quality connection', and how do we get it.
How to embrace disruption in the most powerful way, as opposed to being afraid of it.
The fruition of unconscious, conscious and subconscious success. 
Sex trafficking - what we can do to prevent it right away. 
Why difficult conversations are the best conversations to have. 
How quantity reduces quality. 
How to always be “better” today than you were yesterday.
How you might already be having great conversations that could connect with your audience/friends/lovers/your.own diary, that could have a positive lifetime impact. 
Discover if you are escaping your life in an unhealthy way without even knowing it.
Why deep conversations are the only conversations we should have.
How your environment dictates your success.
How the boxes and divisions of society that we adopt, create fear within ourselves and how it’s destroying us
Challenge every single one of your beliefs and embrace growth.
How to “Just Be”.
Unfucking yourself. 
Top three points on amplification of messages and conversations that are important to you. 
How to ask questions that lead to an awareness that subsequently, change your life forever.
P.S I talk way too much when I interview my best mates - my bad. The upside - I have amazing friends <3
Um, freaking hell. So much goodness. YUM!!! 
Please comment below - what was your biggest "mic drop" moment from this interview?
For more information on Rons, Amplify and to check out the upcoming event - see the links below!

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Sep 26, 2017
Warning - this episode is deeeeeeeeep. 
In a really good way, like the Santa stocking being deep - kind of way. 
I am at a point in my life where I have very little patience for small talk. I used to feel I was always like that, however, I am finding that more now than ever, I am unable to be in a conversation that is surface level. If you resonate with that - then this podcast is going to rock you, in a - Chris Rock/good kinda way. 
A few of the points we covered (there were so many) and the reason that this interview will rock your socks:
Breaking down how to go beyond our everyday fears
Looking at what our unfoldment is mean to look like on a spiritual level
Breaking dogma and rules around religion and spirituality 
Un-developing ourselves to get to the core of what life is about
Understanding that there is no such thing as worthlessness or deservedness 
Learning to explore, have fun and evolve with life 
Seeing yourself and removing all other illusions
IKYA is the name that this spiritual mentor goes by. I love his direct and practical approach to spiritual unfoldment. He shows the way for people of today who want to cut through the fog of collective beliefs and become awake in a world asleep. IKYA's teachings can be life-changing and will help you find true direction and purpose. His message is often surprising and brings you thought-provoking ideas that can crush your blockages and open your mind and consciousness.
Please hit us both back with a comment below on your biggest take away!
For more information and to check out the upcoming event - see the links below!

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Originally Publish at


Sep 19, 2017

Why James and this episode will blow your mind!

We discuss:

  • That 'life purpose' and happiness are not meant to be independent
  • The power of making a decision and sticking to even the most challenging goals
  • When you focus on a purpose bigger than yourself - anything is possible
  • Defeating cancer and overcoming drug addictions
  • Overcoming bulimia and related behaviours by understanding the cause
  • How silence can amplify love, kindness, and change in our world 
  • Learning that if you want people to listen, don't push; show them, be patience, give love and compassion
  • Facing demons and working through them in solitary

James travels the globe giving free talks to educate about the option of becoming a vegan and helping people understand the suffering of animals to make food, clothing, and entertainment for human beings. He asks himself the confronting question:

"If we don't need to kill and eat animals to be healthy, what are we doing this for?"

At 17 he was diagnosed with leukemia and told he had six weeks to live. Fast forward to beating that disease, getting hooked on a lot of drugs and letting go of them, overcoming Bulimia and being a dedicated personal trainer for almost a decade, James met a man through his work that changed his perspective on eating animals forever.

James brings patience, unconditional acceptance and a down to earth honesty that is very rare, to everything he speaks about. Even if you are completely new to the concept of veganism, have heard amazing or even challenging things against it this interview is worth the listen. I am certain that simply by hearing his journey, and the roller coaster that is his life, it would be impossible to walk away from listening to this episode not be touched in some way, for the rest of your life. 

You can find out more about James here

I would to know, would you consider stopping eating animal products after listening to this episode? Why, why not?

Love Ambz

Sep 8, 2017

Why listening to this episode is a must

We cover:

  • the formula for alignment is and how to apply it in your life
  • how to recover from decisions you made that you totally regret making
  • the exact strategy for how to KNOW what decisions are aligned with your values
  • why questioning commonly accepted beliefs about the "right" and "wrong" of life is a must
  • all in all - what creates a fulfilling life (and business)
  • why "any press is good press" is wrong. 
  • a toolkit for checking in with small decisions that create a big impact and ripple effect
  • how to just be you


The Merrymaker sisters are a life force of love and abundance. They're living examples of those who have learned to trust their intuition and practically make decisions around money, business, 'fame', and life in general, and can appreciate both the difficulty of this at times, but most of all the importance of it. With a reach of hundreds of thousands of followers a month with their Merry Recipes, Blog, Masterminds, Podcasts, and Challenges - these girls have a breadth and depth of skill and experience in how to run a business and live a life from the heart and be incredibly successful at it. 


Apr 14, 2017

Franziska is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing and brand strategist, speaker, author and the co-founder of,, and

In 2013 Franziska was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognising her innovation, creativity and philanthropic involvement.

A true visionary, no challenge seems to be too big for Franziska. She is known for her rebellious nature and challenging the norm. She has this rare combination of being both creative and strategic, which makes her a powerful thought leader in the business world.

If you are someone who despises the wasting of potential, you will love this episode.

I titled this quite literally, because 'Ziska' (her nickname to me, because she hates Fran, so we went with Ziska), is the epitome of potential extrapolation from a human being.

She is the author of bestselling book PERCEPTION - Take charge of how others view your brand, become irresistible and make a bigger impact and Bananas About Marketing – How to Attract a Whole Bunch of Clients. 

She is regularly featured across the media including INC, Forbes, Business Insider, Virgin Inflight Entertainment, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, SmartCompany, Dynamic Business Magazine, BRW, 2UE, Channel 9.

As a Swiss born Aussie and with an ability to speak five languages, she has been known to make up a few words, which keeps everyone amused and engaged.

She has an amazing ability to forecast and execute strategies with precision results like a Swiss clock.


She is funny as hell and not afraid to get incredibly open in this episode.

My fav takeaways: 

  • The only two things we ever need to be happy in life
  • That you are not your culture/family/country/religion/gender
  • Limit? What is a limit? (How to be limitless in real life, not just on an IG quote)
  • Perspective - how it can change your life in an instant
  • What really matters in our lives, and how to take action even when you are terrified or have no idea
  • Why looking after our planet is something we all need to think about right now
  • A billion other personal and hilarious stories about giving, virginity and tattoos. 

Thank you Franziska!

She has been generous enough to gift us a Free mini course for busy business owners! 

You can find more out about this inspiring Maverick here:,,


Apr 3, 2017

Are you ready to access a state of such self-awareness and authenticity that joy and inspiration permeate every aspect of life so fear cannot stop you?

What’s Stopping us from being Unfu*kwithable?

What if I told you that the root of all-evil was not money?

It’s also not men or religion. It’s not even tomatoes. 

The greatest affliction that plagues this planet isn’t pollution or war.

No. It’s inauthenticity. 

It’s the stories that run through our minds. We chase our tails trying to be someone we aren’t every single day, trying to prove something to the world. 

A problem is that ‘authenticity’ has become a buzzword and is often ignorantly expressed as ‘being different’ or ‘standing out’. This preposterous social construct fuels the need to be seen, accepted and important. It’s what empowers shame over imperfections, empowers guilt, blame and regret about the past, and empowers stress and anxiety about the future and the universal fear of not being good enough.

It's the birthplace of deep insecurities and self doubt, depression, anxiety and hard cases of amour we wear around like badges of honour, keeping all of our imperfect parts perfectly hidden from the world. Keeping us on edge, terrified we will be 'found out' at any moment.


Would you like to learn how to finally end this once and for all?

How would it feel to release you from this internal war? 

What would you do with all that energy? 

What would your relationships be like? 

What would you do with all that time that's currently taken up with worry, meaningless stimulating behaviour and time editing instagram photos?

Whether you are a seasoned personal development addict or you prefer not to venture into 'self help-woo-woo-crap', this audio will provoke you to change your thinking in a very swift and inspiring manner and ultimately challenge you to access your highest level of fulfillment.

Uncensored, this audiobook will hit the nail on the head with powerful insights into what it is that is really holding you back as well as guide you with proven strategies to overcome inner conflict and sabotage of your success and happiness.

It provides straight-forward steps for forging an empowered mindset and balancing emotions while diving deeper than Darth Vader did to the dark side, into practical spiritual philosophy. 

In this short burst of deep wisdom and It will trigger a force deep inside of you that’s here for something spectacular.

If you have no idea who you are, how can you ever expect to know what it is you want? 

And if you don't know what we want, it's no wonder we have a universe of people who are deep down, deeply unsatisfied, even if at the surface, every feel 'okay'.


To be able to break free of our own illusions, we have to realise that we’ve wrapped ourselves into a cocoon of them in attempts to feel safe.

This is exactly what this audiobook will do. 


Mar 31, 2017

Did you know....

That a sex trafficking victim is often raped 10-20 times a day, so in a period of 6 months that’s anywhere between 1,800 to 3,600 times? What about the fact that at around 20 years of age, after a lifetime of her body being purchased at the price of a cup of coffee, she is simply released, for she is no longer fresh and thus deemed useless in the trafficking industry?

How about the fact that whenever a girl is rescued from sex trafficking, that another is plucked from for her life to replace her, and that rescuing while a miracle in itself, doesn’t end the problem?

Out of all the 100’s of organisations in Cambodia, none of them at this point, focus on prevention alone in a systemised, focused way. Except, Free To Shine. Free To Shine is a child protection organisation preventing children from being trafficked into the commercial sex industry, in Cambodia. 

The hero behind Free To Shine

Nicky Mih is such a powerful, humble and inspiration being. She teaches us that you do not need to know how to do something great, to do something great. You get a big enough reason and your how's work out. 

My favourite parts of today - all of it. Wisdom for a 100 years of life, show up in this interview. 

  • Pulling strength from women who have been trafficked
  • How perspective fulfils us
  • How to find inspiration each day
  • Following through with your goals
  • Gut wrenching awareness, creating momentum
  • The meaning of life.....

Loads and loads and loads more

Nicky and Free To Shine info is all right here.

And, don't bloody forget to just be you.



P.S If you feel that you resonate with the messages streaming from my talks, you might like to check out my online Be Unfu*kwithable program here.

Mar 8, 2017

The moment I want introduced this woman, I knew I needed her on the show. There are at least three one lines in this interview that hit me right in the soul.

One being:  “What if we didn’t have to break down to break through?”. 
Tessa is the kind of being that makes you want to throw your fears to the side and go after your dreams. Why? Because she is a woman who has dragged her heart, mind and soul, through the trenches of transformation, coming out the other side to walk her talk consistently. This is rare.
This is the kind of interview that has the potential to help awaken something much deeper and more fulfilling inside of anyone who listens.


This interview is a great insight into “spirituality” in todays world and how it is something quite common, practical and easily applied into our lives if we see it as a way of being, rather than a way of “appearing” to the rest of the world.
After years of experience in youth work, asylum seeking, refugee support work and pilot parenting, Tessa burnt out in what can be a seemingly be a unsupportive system for workers in these government areas. Following this time, Tessa opens her life to more spiritual based work, adding to her vast expertise. 
Some of the points topics we explore include:
  • What the HECK is light working, I ask almost straight off the bat. 
  • Duality and universal laws: what is it and how can it increases happiness and flow day to day 
  • Understanding what stepping into the unknown looks like in real life 
  • Embracing trust in times of uncertainty
  • Transcendence - shifting our understanding of what is possible in this world
  • Creating your own reality - the struggle many have with abundance and how we re-wire ourselves for what we actually want
  • Attachment, safety, trust and love conditioning during childhood and how it plays a massive role in our self worth 
I would love you to comment below, with what came up for you during this interview. Did you agree/disagree with anything we discussed? What was your favourite part?
Rock on, and please, head to iTunes and subscribe to our channel so you can stay updated. 
Love Ambz


Mar 8, 2017

Emily Anne Peterson is the kind of woman that people make movies about. 

Emily is a bravery expert. 

Her life is jaw dropping. Well, more correctly, the way she chooses to live it is. The way she has dealt with one of the most confronting experiences that one could face; having (what seemed like her entire purpose) stripped from her. The woman also did a TEDx talk. Another reason why she is my hero.

She was once a full-time cellist and cello teacher. But in December of 2013, she was diagnosed with a degenerative, hereditary, neurological tremor in her right hand, her bow hand.

She called it her other biological clock.

As you can imagine, it was shattering news for her. Of course, she handled it like a boss. 

And this is exactly why you need to listen to this episode. There comes a time in all our lives where we are faced with a make or break moment.

We learn so much from how Emily managed not only an eating disorder, but a tremor that brought her dreams (at the time) to a halt. 


My fav take aways in this episode:

- What to do when life falls apart

- Where to go from rock bottom and the slow but simple journey out of darkness

- It's okay to not be okay, for more than a few days, even months

- How bravery and courage aren't how to sound

- How to recovery and still work through the impulses and battle of an eating dis-order

- How to be brave and courageous, no matter what

- How to turn your devastations into life transformation

- How our life purpose is fluid

- That break downs are breakthroughs, and how to do the work (yes we must work) to get through

- What vulnerability, bravery and courage have to do with being an artist (of your life) and that there is no other way


So yeah, it was amazing. Enjoy and please, connect with Em and let us know what you thought my rating this episode and leaving us a comment about how it helped you!

Love love love, 


Emily has an incredible Podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, and we totally shared wine and mimosa's and backed up interviewing each other. All the links to her goodness are below

Bare Naked Bravery

Emily Ann Peterson

Classes and Shop



Mar 8, 2017

Spirituality for Dummies


In this episode I interviewed someone close to my heart and my life, my very first and only mediation teacher (besides myself course).






It saved, my arse, every single time I thought I was going to lose my shit…


It’s like a condom, kind of just sits in your back pocket seemingly useless, until you need it and then BAM! It’s a fucking life saver.


When my mum passed

When I broke up with my boyfriend of three years

When I got a $3000 unexpected bill at Christmas

When I looked in the mirror and realised my skin was breaking out from cortisol overdose

When I need to sleep

When I lost belief in myself.


Meditation is always there/here.


I drilled Kurt like a sergeant, and these are just some of the big bombs we drop in this episode:


  • What is meditation?
  • What is energy?
  • What are chakras?
  • What is the ego?
  • What is our soul?
  • Where did we come from?
  • What’s the point of life?
  • What can you do right now to start to connect more closely with yourself and as a result, become unfuckwithable?


I loved this interview because it actually makes me quite nervous. While I am deeply connected to a ‘spiritual’ part of myself, I don’t go blabbing about it much.


I feel that talking about how ‘spiritual’ you are, is similar with trying to tell yourself that YOU are ‘authentic’; when you do it, it dictates the opposite of it being true. That part of my life is just there, it’s me, and it’s how I think, feel and exist.



Love Ambz,


P.S. : Be Unfuckwithable - My Online Course


I'm not far into the course, but I'm mindful that I'm doing this course for myself because I deserve to treat myself well and the little change I've already seen is more positive and motivating rhetoric going on in my head, rather than the negative 'I can't do this' story. Feels good and feels lighter?


It’s changing things inside people and I love the weekly coaching sessions inside our forum – have you checked it out yet?


You can find out more here.


Mar 2, 2017

We are wired for love

Umm, so. This was amazing. 

My favourite interview - ever. I learnt bucket loads and it was very much a 'shoot the shit' kind of chat with this incredibly wise man, Mark Groves, about love.

Mark Groves is an expert in helping people navigate the emotional matrix to create deeper, more meaningful connections in life. Be is professionally, with yourself or with a partner. 

A couple of the many points Mark delves into:

  • Three levels of love, what they all look like and how to arrive there
    • Co-dependant
    • "I don't need one" (guarded)
    • Independent and fulfilling
  • How to break defence/criticise cycles in relationships do you do not end up in a "shit storm"
  • Breaking toxic relationship patterns
  • What makes a polyamorous relationship work/not work
  • Mirroring each others childhood wounds and how we blame incorrectly
  • How to cultivate lasting, fulfilling monogamous relationships
  • Love and partnerships as a spiritual journey
  • Marriage - re-defined
  • Erectile disfunction - yes I just wrote that correctly - and intimacy

You can connect with Mark  here:


IG: @createthelove

And, don't bloody forget to just be you.



P.S Check out my online Be Unfu*kwithable program here.

Feb 23, 2017

Rockbottom is the gateway to success

I had an epic chat to my friend, Nathan Chan, the man behind Foundr, which is a multi-faceted digital media business spreading the love of entrepreneurship through its podcast, magazine and training platform. And Foundr magazine is now enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs located all around the planet.

I got Nathan on to dig into his life a little a little deeper after my curiosities about how this guy ticked were aroused after catching up with him at an event we both spoke at.  He’s a hustler at heart, but I noticed an epic humbleness about this guy and his ability to engage people through the quality of the conversations and topics he shares, teaches and discusses over dinner. 

Nathan Shares:

  • His motivation behind Foundr
  • How his drive has transformed since first began and how that impacts him on a personal level
  • The importance of not taking shit from the people around you
  • Why you don't need to be confident or number one in anything to start creating your dreams
  • The skills from all his previous (and sometimes seemingly lower key) jobs at places like McDonalds attributes to his current success
  • The incredibly simple formula that summarises what it takes to success as an entrepreneur
  • How Nathan gets himself out of a funk
  • His steps for achieving anything, even when you know nothing

You can connect with Nathan  here:


IG: @foundr

And, don't bloody forget to just be you.



P.S Check out my online Be Unfu*kwithable program here.

Feb 9, 2017

Well hello, 

It’s lovely to have you here. 

This is a, “who is Amber and what the heck is unfu*kwithable”, episode. You can get to know me a little and learn a ton of valuable understandings about why we do what we do as humans. We are interesting beings with expansive souls. My goal is to just be me, and help you just be you and essentially connect to the big expansive magic deep inside of you so that you can accelerate in every area of your life and be unfu*kwithable. Some keywords to describe my teaching and interview style would be: confronting, vulnerable, challenging, curious, analytical, revering, wild, sarcastic, empowering and loving. 

In this episode I talk about:

Who I am

Where I came from

What I have done to get here

What I do

How I help people

What Unfu*kwithable is

What is stopping us from reaching our potential

What holds us back from being unf*kwithable

How we can start being unfu*kwithable right now

I felt like I was just having a chat to my best friend, I hope that is what you feel like too. I am down to earth and no holds barred kind of gal. I love to connect, so hit me up with a  comment of what you thought about episode number one, even to just say hello and that you listened!





Feb 8, 2017

Each of us are born with a desire to help another fellow being. It is engrained into our DNA. The feeling of fulfillment we experience in life is equal to a combination of the connection we have with ourselves and the amount we connect with and help others.

In the 21st century, there is saturation of entrepreneurs and concurrently entrepreneurs telling other entrepreneurs they should find their purpose and leave their day job. Well, guess what, maybe, just maybe some people suit a 9-5. In-fact, Josh and I discuss how such a small percent of people suit the so called 'entrepreneur' lifestyle.

There are a lot people in need of support throughout Australia and Josh Jone’s #JBNproject (Just Be Nice) are a team of dedicated people doing just that. They take things to the next level with an incredible philosophy about making it easy to give.  Josh chats about how it's taken a whole lotta elbow grease, failures and discovering what doesn't work, a decades experience in social enterprises and a lot of a heart.

In this episode you’ll hear some of the following:

  • Where Josh finds his never ending stream of energy
  • Shocking statistics on social
  • How peoples desire to give is potentially going to waste
  • Why emotions are not always helpful when it comes to helping
  • What kind of hustle is really needed to start a business
  • Why starting a non-for profit can not only crush your income, but it might also be a waste of time
  • What you can do to help right now, rather than 'one day'
  • How to live with integrity and focus
  • A hellovalot more

You can connect with Josh here:


IG: @joshreidjones

Enjoy, and please leave us a comment on the post. Do you think everyone should quit their day jobs? What's your experience in profit and or non-for-profit organisations? Are you an entrepreneur and maybe just realised you prefer the 9-5?

Until next time, just be you.